Health Care Fraud

Accused of Underbilling or Overbilling? Health Care Fraud Defense Lawyers Can Help

Health care fraud is a specialized area of criminal defense law revolving around individuals, institutions, doctors, insurance companies and state of federal agencies. The institutions may be hospitals, health clinics, nursing homes or other health care facilities. They may be accused of overbilling, improper billing, mail fraud, wire fraud, Medicare fraud, upcoding and other serious criminal matters.

In white collar crime cases involving health care fraud, millions of dollars as well as a person's freedom and professional licensure are at state. We understand. We know what you are going through. We can help.

Proven Track Record For Tackling And Winning Tough Cases

Our law firm is equipped and has the proven track record to handle all aspects of a health care fraud legal matter. At the Tallahassee, Florida, based law office of Dobson, Davis & Smith, our team of five lawyers has represented clients on state and federal health care fraud matters throughout the state. We have successfully represented clients on serious matters in countless jury trials.

We are prepared and have the resources and the know-how to represent you at every stage of your fraud defense process; from grand jury proceedings through negotiations with the prosecution to criminal defense trial.

Our lawyers include former prosecutors, assistant state attorneys, and an assistant attorney general. We understand how the criminal justice system works and we know how to file the motions at hearings that can chip away at cases until a case may be dismissed entirely.

Grand Jury Investigation Management

We have successfully represented public officials, top executives and professionals under grand jury investigation for up to two years with no returned indictment. We have achieved immunity for others.

We handle criminal and administrative matters involving doctors accused of self-prescribing medicine or illegally prescribing medicine, doctors having sex with their patients and other felony matters.

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