Repeat DUI

Florida prosecutors take DUI offenses very seriously, especially when they are repeat offenses. If you have prior convictions for DUI, subsequent offenses carry escalating penalties. You could face jail time, hefty fines and loss of your driving privileges. Depending on the number of priors, you could also be facing a felony charge, which can have wide-ranging ramifications for your future.

Fortunately, you have the right to a vigorous criminal defense. At Dobson, Davis & Smith, our legal team has extensive experience handling countless DUI cases. Together, we boast more than 80 years of combined experience, including serving as former law enforcement officers and prosecutors. We understand the criminal justice system inside and out.

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Minimizing The Impact Of Repeat DUIs

DUI offenses carry multiple layers of consequences. They can affect not only your criminal record, driving privileges and freedom, but also your insurance premiums, reputation and employment prospects. Commercial drivers stand to lose their livelihoods as a result of repeat DUI offenses.

Generally, a second offense results in a mandatory prison sentence and fines of several thousand dollars. Your license can be suspended for five years, and you could face the burdensome requirement of an ignition interlock device. A third or subsequent offense is generally a felony. You could face significant jail time and potentially permanent revocation of your driver's license. Our firm offers representation both during the criminal process and during administrative hearings to protect your driver's license. We also represent commercial drivers.

Hands-On Experience Obtaining Successful Outcomes

Our attorneys draw on decades of hands-on experience to develop successful strategies for challenging repeat DUI charges. As former prosecutors, we are skilled at anticipating the state's moves and countering the prosecution's arguments.

We have numerous legal tools at our disposal to build the strongest possible case. For example, we work with trusted expert witnesses to oppose the state's evidence. Our attorneys utilize vigorous cross-examination to draw out weaknesses in the state's case. We explore every avenue for obtaining a favorable outcome, whether through aggressively negotiating a plea bargain or presenting a compelling case at trial.

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