Administrative Law

Experienced Administrative Law and Litigation Attorneys

Dobson, Davis & Smith defends individuals and businesses that are the subject of administrative investigations or professional disciplinary proceedings that may threaten their business or professional standing, licensure or livelihood and standing in the community.

Representing Professionals Throughout Florida

Our Tallahassee law firm has experience representing professionals — such as health-care providers and lawyers — in civil lawsuits and administrative hearings, including:

  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Professional license defense hearings
  • License suspension hearings
  • Litigation that threatens your livelihood
  • Criminal defense matters that may arise simultaneously with administrative licensure matters

Likewise, we represent individuals seeking to overcome potential obstacles to licensure, such as law-school graduates in matters involving The Florida Bar Examiners.

When Stakes Are High - Retain Skilled Counsel

When your professional standing is at stake, it is important to retain lawyers skilled and experienced in the area of administrative law. You need an attorney who understands how administrative panels, regulatory boards and other administrative bodies operate. These are areas of law in which we have represented hundreds of clients, successfully.

Because of our decades of experience, our lawyers are able to bring things to light that will work in your favor in any administrative procedure. We can work flexible, quickly and thoroughly drawing upon a vast array of tools at our fingertips to protect your interests.

Do not wait until you receive the notice saying that you have been disbarred or that legal action is being taken against you. Call as soon as you receive notice or even if you suspect action may be taken against you. The sooner we get involved, the greater positive impact we can have. Damages can be mitigated or even avoided altogether.

Our goal is to provide first-class legal service to our clients, while at the same time furthering the highest traditions of our profession.

Take the Steps You Need to Protect Your Future

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