Fake IDs

Using a fake ID can seem like a harmless offense. Rarely does anyone get hurt as a direct result of using a fraudulent identity card. It is relatively commonplace for college students, high school students and others who are underage to borrow an older friend's ID or purchase a fake one in order to get into clubs, bars or 21-plus events. Fake IDs are also frequently used to purchase alcohol or tobacco.

Despite the seemingly benign nature of such an offense, under Florida law, it is a felony to possess a fake or stolen driver's license, even if you never used it. It is a misdemeanor to possess other forms of fake or stolen ID.

The consequences of possessing fraudulent identification can be severe. You could face years of imprisonment and thousands of dollars in fines, not to mention a lasting stain on your criminal record. Additionally, high school and college students could face further disciplinary measures such as suspension or expulsion from school.

Fortunately, there are many ways to challenge your criminal charges.

It is critical to obtain professional legal guidance at the outset. Your rights, liberty and future may depend on it.

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At Dobson, Davis & Smith, a criminal defense firm in Tallahassee, our defense attorneys handle fake ID possession cases at both the felony and misdemeanor levels. We also represent clients facing underage drinking or underage DUI charges. Our team of attorneys and staff work together to provide a high level of individualized attention. We care about the outcome of our clients' cases, and we work diligently to obtain favorable results.

We Work Diligently To Obtain Favorable Results

Fake ID charges can often be reduced to lesser offenses without the necessity of trial. As former prosecutors, our lawyers are skilled negotiators who know how to leverage legal arguments and evidence in our clients' favor. We are familiar with less serious alternatives to jail time or probation, such as diversion programs for first-time offenders. By taking a close and careful look at your case, we can help you explore ways to minimize the consequences and protect your future.

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