Campus Sex Crimes

Few things can jeopardize your future as much as allegations of a sex crime. Unfortunately, such allegations run rampant on college campuses throughout Florida. Elements of college life such as partying and drinking create an environment that is ripe for misunderstandings and inflated allegations.

For college students, the stakes are particularly high. Criminal penalties — including jail time and registration as a sex offender — are not the only potential consequences of a sex crime conviction. You are also likely to face expulsion, and you can be banned from ever returning to campus. Doors can swiftly slam shut on further educational opportunities.

Experienced Defense Attorneys With Valuable Backgrounds In Prosecution And Law Enforcement

Given the severity of the consequences stemming from sex crime allegations, it is critical to seek professional legal guidance from a defense attorney who will place your interests and future first.

At Dobson, Davis & Smith, a criminal defense firm in Tallahassee, our student sex crime defense attorneys have extensive experience successfully handling serious criminal charges. Our legal team includes a former law enforcement officer as well as former state and federal prosecutors. We draw on an exceptional breadth of experience to craft solid defensive strategies.

You have the right to a lawyer. When the stakes are high, you deserve not just any attorney, but a skilled advocate with the knowledge and experience to handle sex crime charges. Contact us online to arrange a free consultation.

Seasoned Courtroom Attorneys

We represent students facing any type of sexual offense, including:

  • Child pornography possession and distribution
  • Solicitation of minors and other Internet sex crimes
  • "Sexting" with minors
  • Sexual battery (rape)
  • Date rape
  • Statutory rape
  • Harassment
  • Indecent exposure or lewd conduct

For many of these charges, the best chance of success is through trial. Our attorneys are skilled at defending clients' rights and interests in the courtroom. We have successfully handled numerous trials, both as defense attorneys and in other roles within the justice system. We possess critical insight into how the judge, jury and prosecutor approach these cases. We know how to anticipate and counter the state's strategies.

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